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Post by potooo on Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:06 am

Have any of you guys seen this show?! It's technically for kids, but it's incredibly well made. Beautifully drawn, extremely well written, with wonderfully complex and compelling main characters. The show creator is a woman, the voice actors of the three adult main characters are all women of color, and it's SO INCREDIBLY QUEER.

Steven, the main character, is the sweetest, least macho boy ever, and he basically lives with his three foster moms, though he also has a good relationship with his dad, (also incredibly sweet and unmacho), who lives in a van near his carwashing business.

It's got a lot of magical and science fiction elements, and at one point Steven melds with his adorable nerdy best friend/girlfriend into one androgynous/feminine being:

And at another point, one of his moms (two women melded together in a relationship that has been established canonically as romantic according to the show creator) sings the ultimate all-time queer mom anthem:

I LOVE THIS SHOW. I can't wait to have a kid I can watch it with.

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