Kidmaking Attempt Take Three!

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Kidmaking Attempt Take Three! Empty Kidmaking Attempt Take Three!

Post by potooo on Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:17 am

Going down to the cryobank to pick up our last two ICI vials today. From here on out it'll be IUI, unless we ask our donor to make more donations (which apparently would be another ~$4,000 minimum, glargh.) We made a rookie mistake and assumed that three months would encompass three cycles. Oops. Turns out that with a 26-day cycle, June, July, and August = four cycles, not three. So unless our midwife will be able to take us in late August instead of September as we'd previously arranged, we're going to have to sit next cycle out (assuming this one doesn't work, of course). We asked our donor if he'd be in town when my wife's likely to ovulate in August, but it turns out he and his wife will be in Canada. Sigh.

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